Open call: Lectures and workshop

Publisert: 23.02.2024
People working with papers on the floor.

Dramaturgy as an ecology of attention

By Jeroen Peeters

30 May – 1 June at Teaterfestival Stamsund

Deadline for application: 10th of march

How do you set up conditions for the work to come about? How do you create a shared ground for exploring the unfamiliar in pursuit of making sense? These questions are at the heart of And then it got legs: Notes on dance dramaturgy (2022), in which Jeroen Peeters discusses dramaturgy as an experimental, collaborative practice and a material form of thinking. The production of meaning ties itself to materials and media, bodies and space, constituting a truly physical dramaturgy. Dramaturgy is no longer related to a single figure but a shared responsibility of everyone involved the creative process. It calls for collaboration among peers and inventing a practice that suits the work at hand.

Hands-on sessions

At the Stamsund Teaterfestival Peeters will be sharing his views on dramaturgy through lectures, conversation and sessions with a practical focus.

In a public conversation, writer and director Kristin Bjørn and performance artist Kristina Junttila will respond to And then it got legs with oral annotations.

In a couple of lectures, Peeters will discuss some questions around the studio work as an ecology of attentional practices. How do artists (researchers, writers…) read their own work as it is still in process and not yet public? How do they prime their bodies, attune their senses, foster alternative literacies?

All this prepares the ground for conversation and hands-on sessions around specific dramaturgical practices: creating a conceptual landscape, literal and physical reading, staging the workspace, gleaning from other practices, collaborating on the right dramaturgical set-up for your questions. The workshop is open to professionals interested in dramaturgy and artistic research in the performing arts and beyond. There is no prior preparation required, but you may bring texts, images or other materials to work with.

How to apply and terms of attendance

Send your CV and a few sentences about why you would like to attend the workshop to:

Deadline for application: 10th of march

Davvi – Center for Performing arts will cover travel costs to and from Stamsund and accommodation for up to 10 artists living in northern Norway. Meals are offered through the festival’s meal plan with lunch and dinner in the festival restaurant. Breakfast at the hotel.

You will know by the end of march if you have a place in the workshop.

You book your own travel tickets by the 15th of April.

Everyone attending the workshop will receive a fee of 6000 NOK.

Jeroen Peeters (BE) is an essayist, dramaturg and performer based in Brussels. He has published widely on contemporary dance and performance and writes about matters such as ecologies of attention, embodied knowledge, material literacy, readership, commoning and sustainable development. Books include Are we here yet? (2010) on the work of choreographer Meg Stuart; Through the Back: Situating Vision between Moving Bodies(2014), on spectatorship in contemporary dance; and And then it got legs: Notes on dance dramaturgy (2022). Together with Mette Edvardsen he runs the publishing house Varamo Press. Peeters is a research fellow at Hasselt University, Faculty of Architecture and Arts, and PXL-MAD School of Arts.

Photo: Jack Hauser