Open call for artists for the Performing Arts Relay artistic laboratory in Bodø,

Publisert: 15.03.2024

Nov 12-15, 2024.

Deadline for applying for Norwegian artists: April 15th, 2024.

The partners of the Performing Arts Relay invite artists from the performing arts field in Denmark, Norway, and Canada to work and explore together in this 4-day artistic laboratory. We invite artists to propose an idea for an experiment, a question, or a field of investigation on the theme Language/Landscape. The purpose of the lab is to explore, discover and exchange methods and practice with the other participants, not to produce or develop a specific project.

Six artists

The lab work will be designed around the proposals from the selected artists and will be facilitated by the organizing partners. The lab is preceded by a short online pre-lab process for the selected participants. For this lab, we will select two artists from Denmark, two from Norway and two from Canada. Please note: You do not have to be an experienced lab-participant to participate.


Performing Arts Relay 2024-2026 is a series of three artistic research labs, each hosted by one of the Relay partners in Bodø, Toronto and Aarhus. In each lab, six artists come together to explore, exchange, and reflect, and to qualify their artistic practice. The artistic work in the labs is free of the demands of production - but that does not mean that it is undefined. The hosting partners facilitate and frame the lab work with questions, themes, individual and collaborative tasks, to promote the artists' awareness of their methods and artistic practices. The focus of the labs is the variety of the three countries' languages and (inner and outer) geographies, including the Arctic regions, as reflected in the work of the participating artists. The thematic starting point of the work is Language/Landscape, a broad theme that can be interpreted in multiple ways by the participating artists, and they are invited to map their artistic routes together, as they explore their own and each other's work practice. As a part of sharing the exploring paths, we hope to reflect on the Language of Landscapes and the Landscape of Languages.


The Norwegian artists will receive a fee of 10 000 NOK and Davvi – Senter for scenekunst will cover travel, accommodation and per diems. Studio and basic technical facilities.

Schedule Relay Bodø 2024

Spring 2024: 2 artists from each partner country are selected for Relay Bodø.

Nov. 4-10th 2024: During this time the participants will spend approx. 10 flexible work hours to participate in an online introduction together with the other selected participants.

11. Nov.: Travel to Bodø

12. Nov.: Lab where participants create, research and exchange methods and questions in a frame facilitated and documented by the Relay Partners

13. Nov.: Lab continued

14. Nov.: Lab continued

15. Nov.: Concluding seminar and knowledge sharing with local artistic and academic communities.


Barbara Simonsen, Seachange Lab (DK).

Brian Quirt, Nightswimming Theatre (CAN).

Bruce Barton, School of Creative and Performing Arts (CAN).

Susanne Næss Nielsen, Davvi - Centre for Performing Arts (NO).

How to apply

Send us a short proposal, describing your question/idea for investigation, and your cv on this page. Deadline: April 15th, 2024.

If you want to discuss an idea before applying, please don't hesitate to contact Susanne Næss Nielsen at: or (47) 48 24 33 73.

About Performing Arts Relay:

The Performing Arts Relay partners share a passion for artistic research and lab work for performing arts professionals. We believe that artistic research is a necessity, not a luxury, and essential for artists to continue to grow and develop all through their career.

As project partners we provide a solid framework for lab work to take place, and we feel that the labs we create together, combining practice and reflection in a professionally facilitated and structured frame, are an important contribution to expanding the horizons, knowledge, and skills of the participating artists as well as our own.

Performing Arts Relay 2024-2026 is supported by Nordic Culture Fund and Aarhus Municipality.